A Message from our group director

Gerry’s Information Technology is a well established IT company that started off by providing internet services; two decades of dedication and hard work have led us to become an integrated all rounding one stop IT solution provider having diversified into enterprise solutions, software & application and cloud computing.

With the zeal & enthusiasm of our team of GIT, I am confident that there isn’t a long way to go to become the leading IT company of Pakistan!

Arshad Wali Muhammad
Group Director

A Message from our Vice President

The opportunity to work with Gerry's Information Technology is like being with family; It doesn't ever feel like work. We equipt with business model for a new era, we are more excited then ever to soar ahead and building long-term relationship of trust with clients based on a group philosophy of "LOCAL EXPERTISE-GLOBAL VISION".

Syed Athar Hassan Hadi
Vice President
Gerry’s Information Technology

A Message from our G.M.Finance

It is a great privilege for me to work for Gerry's Information Technology. It is my pleasure to contribute my experience of almost 15 years and it has been an honour to surround myself with a very capable and committed team. The visionary board of directors have always been supportive specially in terms of implementing innovative ideas.

I whole heartedly wish the company all the success and will do my part to the best of my capabilities!

Muhammad Iqbal Khan
General Manager Finance
Gerry's Information Technology

Meet our Core Team

Wajahat Ullah Khan

Business Unit Head - Gerry's Avaya

Farhan Ahmed

Business Unit Head - Enterprise Solutions

Zaheer Shah

National Manager IP-NOC

Tahir Yar Khan

Regional Manager North

Mir Azhar

Manager Radio Frequency(RF)

Ansar Sheikh

Manager Infrastructure

Usman Yasin

Manager North